Growing up I had always wanted a cat and it wasn’t until I was almost 15 that I finally got one. I remember when we first picked him up, he was mewing so much in his little kitten voice, I thought I was doing something wrong and it made me cry. He used to sleep tucked up under my chin, across my neck until he got too heavy.

On Christmas night my parents came home and found Bailey lying on the ground; only able to pick up his head. The vet said his liver had failed and he was suffering, so my parents had him put to sleep.

I had a dream early this morning that made me scream and woke me up. I dreamt I was at the beach, sitting in the sand at the waters edge. I held in my arms, Bailey. A large wave came up and engulfed the two of us. Bailey was startled and leapt out of my arms and into the water. Another large wave came. I looked for Bailey but I couldn’t find him. He was gone.


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