No more swaps!

So I decided a couple weeks ago that I wasn’t going to participate in any more swaps. It has gotten to the point were I feel like the items I’m receiving are not the same quality that I’m sending out. So I’m finishing up one swap that ends in June then I will be done. I’m in a Birthday Club that will continue through the rest of the year, but other than that, I’m done. C’est la vie!


One thought on “No more swaps!

  1. I said the same thing about all the scrapbooking swaps that I was in. I am new to cards so I’m not “there” yet but my scrapbooks are amagazine quality and I was really upset with some of the junk that I got back in some recent swaps. I was tempted to send in crap but that just didn’t seem right to me. I’m with you, I am not doing anymore. I’m just glad I’m not the only one that feels this way and says it.


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