Car Accident

Last night my husband and I were on our way to The Police/Elvis Costello concert when we were involved in a hit-and-run accident. We’re very lucky to have come out of it unharmed, as it occurred on the highway and I *may* have been driving over the speed limit…While driving, a car came from behind in the lane to the right of me and tried to move over into my lane…only he did it into my car – then he sped off! After a short pursuit I was able to catch up to him and record his license plate number. I was so shaken up about the accident we ended up not going to the show – I wanted to go home.

I went down to the CHP office today and filed a report so hopefully after some investigation on their end they will be able to track down the vehicle and get some resolution. I just added uninsured motorists to my insurance policy a couple of months ago, which covers hit-and-run accidents, so I’m hopeful that will take care of fixing my car as the driver’s side door no longer opens.


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