Tori Amos and Me!

Today was an unbelievable day! One of my favorite things about living in San Diego is attending Comic-Con. It’s an annual pop culture convention that brings out movie stars, tv stars, and big names in books, music, anime and anything else you can think of in between. Every year we get a 4-day pass and spend a long weekend at the convention center attending panels, getting autographs and wandering the *huge* tradeshow floor. The highlight for me this year was TORI AMOS!

Tori has a new 480-page, full color anthology adapting the themes and ideas behind her songs called Comic Book Tatoo that was released this week. If you were one of the first few people each day to purchase the book you received a ticket to an exclusive autograph session limited to just 200 people. My *awesome* husband waited in line for 2 hours on Wednesday night to be one of the first to get the book and today I got to *meet* Tori Amos and have her sign my book. It was awesome!!!

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