Craft Fairs?

A local elementary school is having a craft fair on Saturday, November 1st and I think I’m going to participate. Now to figure out what sells at these things! I figure you can’t go wrong with chocolate! Last night I spent $30 on chocolate (Hershey bars and mini Peppermint Patties) to snazz up for the holiday season. I’m going to work on some cards, but I was hoping to come up with some small gifts to sell as well. Any ideas or things that have sold well for you?


2 thoughts on “Craft Fairs?

  1. These are cute, but are you sure you can hold off and not eat them before the fair? I’ve wondered about selling at craft fairs also. There’s one in my neighborhood on 10/13. Hoping to scout it out and get some ideas. I’ll let you know if I see anything good.


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