I Can’t Believe Myself Sometimes!

So about 2 weeks ago I worked really hard on my submissions for Round 2 of Just Johanna’s Odd Bird Planet design team call and came up with 4 cards I was really proud of…and I didn’t take pictures of my final cards!!! How DUMB am I??? I did take one picture but it’s not even of the final card. See how the girl owl isn’t looking at the boy owl? I masked a new set of eyes for her so that they would be looking at each other. I’m almost tempted to re-create my cards just so I have them…

Stamps: Odd Bird Planet


12 thoughts on “I Can’t Believe Myself Sometimes!

  1. Well, don’t feel too bad, that version is pretty darn nice to be too disappointed, but I know how you feel – one of the duh moments. Great work Ryann.


  2. WOW! Such a nice piece. I love the 2 little owls! Im sure it’ll make anyone who receives this, one happy person! :)


  3. by the way, which website do you sell your cards? I would very much like to see what other cards you have for sale.. :)



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