Twilight…Hip Hop Hangover

So in 10 minutes I leave to go to the 2:30am showing of Twilight. I am *so* excited!!! Woo Hoo!!!! *dances around the room*

ETA: The movie was OKAY. I liked it but it didn’t meet the expectations I had. I’ve read only the 1st book and have pretty much been able to stay away from whatever hype there was about the movie (I don’t watch tv).

Okay… now that is out of my system… Today’s Hip Hop Hangover card features one of my favorite stamps and one of my favorite color combos: Butterfly Beauty and purple/green.


19 thoughts on “Twilight…Hip Hop Hangover

  1. Yeah, I’ve heard that about the movie too but I’m still going to see it! The books are ALWAYS better than the movies though!
    Love your card too!


  2. This card is a beauty! I’m sorry the movie was a bummer for you, but I have taged you over on my blog (tee hee hee) and I hope you have some fun with that.


  3. sweet card, Ryann. great layout and the colors are pretty together. I always think the movie is never as good as the book. Unfortunalty for me, it will be awhile till I can compare the two. I’m getting the book for Christmas, so I won’t see the movie until I read it first. It’s always a bummer to be let donw. I’m sure it was still a fun outing though!


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