Happy Heart Day!

Hello and Happy Valentine’s Day to you! So far I’ve wasted the morning away with my loved one sitting on the couch watching TV all morning. First we watched the season premiere of Dollhouse (we’re both huge Joss Whedon fans). Then we watched Dead Man Walking and we just finished Zack and Miri Make a Porno (LOVE Kevin Smith movies!!) I did manage to make a card while watching the last movie.


7 thoughts on “Happy Heart Day!

  1. Actually…my husband is Retired Army so we do send 4th of July cards to his former co-workers and friends that we have that are still active Army.

    By the way…I LOVE this card! :o)


  2. This is sooooo cute! I love everything about it! I think I might use the short christmas cactus for 4th of july cards. It’s just a cactus with a star on top…. I like Lorie’s idea, so I think I might make some for Chris’ co-workers!


  3. Love this card! Gotta get me some Odd Bird Planet stamps! You are creating so many cute cards. Happy Valentine’s Day! Oh I love your new blog header! Sweet!
    :) Rachel


  4. I love Kevin Smith – I think Dogma is my favorite movie of his but Zack and Miri is certainly in the running too.

    Your card is adorable! I can’t tell you how many DT assignments I’ve had to file in my card box because I forgot and used a different companies sentiment. It’s nice to know it’s not just me.


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