Blog Candy Time!!

So I know I mentioned earlier in the week that I would have some BLOG CANDY for you…well the time has come!

Check out what I am giving away!!

What I want from you is this…

As some of you may or may not know, I’m really into music and seeing live concerts, etc.   I want to know the last concert you went to.  If you’ve never been to a concert, who would you like to see the most!

I’m leaving my blog candy open until Friday, February 27th so make sure you enter before then! Blog candy is open to US and Canada residents only please. Thank you!



25 thoughts on “Blog Candy Time!!

  1. Cute candy! On to the questions- The only concert I have ever been to see was back in HS, I went to see Michael W. Smith, I had a blast.

    Im actually planning to go see Rascal Flats in March when they are here in CA..keep your fingers crossed that I make it! They are my favorite group EVER!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!


  2. I went to Chris Cornell concert last, it was great! I unfortunetly have only been to a handfull of concerts I woould love to start going to more! I would love to see paramore live! Thanks for the chance!


  3. I haven’t been to a concert since way back in high school (’88) and it was the Beach Boys…at a beach in NC. Quite fun actually!

    Love the blog candy, thanks for the chance!!!


  4. Oh my goodness, I haven’t been to a concert in forever. Probably Dru Hill in junior high, you know, before Sisqo left them to make the Thong song. :) Fun candy Ryann!


  5. I love concerts/live music as long as it is bands that I LOVE!!! I don’t care to go to the bar and see some unknown group, BLAH.

    That being said, DEPECHE MODE is on tour this year, WOO HOO!!! I think the last concert I went to was Cause and Effect?? not sure (great group!!!)

    Thanks for the chance to win, that little bird and fox look too cute for words.


  6. I LOVE going to concerts!! My last one was Bon Jovi last March!! I hope to go see Nickelback this March! Great Blog candy! Thanks for the chance to win


  7. The last concert I went to would be 3 years ago and I saw Trisha Yearwood. I’d love to go to more concerts (especially Dave Matthews). Thanks for the chance to win. That’s great blog candy. Have a great day!


  8. My last concert???? That was a loooooong time ago! Hmmmm……I’m thinking it was the Beach Boys, but I can’t be sure. My favorite was Huey Lewis and the News way back in the day.

    Thanks for the chance at some great candy!


  9. The last concert I went to was Paul Brandt (just about a year ago) and before that it was Bon Jovi when he came to Vancouver..definately my all time favorite concert!!
    Thanks for the chance to win! :o)



  10. It’s been years since I went to any concerts…Last one was probably one of them big Country Jams with multi different performances. I did got to an outdoor fair to see Neil McCoy(Country singer) and my sister won back stage passes. We got to go on his bus and he gave us a tour of it…He was so cool…Thanks for the chance to win! Kathy Hering…


  11. Hi Ryann! what a great question and I am sad to say that the last concert I went to was somewhere in the 10-13ish years ago. Whoa… I just wrote that and said it out loud. The concert was a Jethro Tull concert here in town.


  12. Since I live in Branson where we have dozens of live shows all the time I’d have to say my f-a-v-o-r-i-t-e concert in the past couple of months was Paul Revere and the Raiders along with Bill Medley.


  13. Wow Sweet Candy! It’s like it was meant for me. Thanks for offering it.
    The last concert I went to was Tim McGraw. I was 8 months pregnant and my son was wiggling like crazy cause the music was so loud.


  14. I’ve never been to a concert but I have always wanted to see Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill in concert.Or Justing Timberlake,just because he is good “eye candy”.


  15. Love those butterflies! The last concert I went to was Jersey Boys which is the story about Frankie Valli and the 4 Seasons. The music and singing was fantastic and brought back a lot of memories. My son gave us the tickets for Christmas. I have also seen Paul Anka in concert and he really puts on a good show.


  16. I saw Fergie last June. It was amazing! So much fun! I can’t believe you are going on the NKOTB cruise, Ryann. You are so lucky!
    Great Candy!


  17. Your creations are always so beautiful! Keep up the amazing work. I really enjoy seeing the stuff you come up with =) Thanks for doing this blog candy!!!!


  18. Hello there! Hmmm… Lets see… The last concert I think I went to was Bob Dylan about 3 years ago. We had backstage passes. It was my daughters first concert whom is named Rian or Ryan :)and I was pregnant at the time so we decided to name her dylan after Bob of course! Those little stamps are just too cute! ~anna


  19. i’m almost embarrassed to answer this question. the last concert i went to was — oh no, i went to one just last year — i was going to say Faith Hill 11 years ago, but we went to see Jim Brickman last spring.


  20. I know it’s last minute but I hope I’mnot too late! I saw the candy and just HAD to post!!! My last concert was Jimmy Buffett and it was years ago. Thanks for the chance to win!


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