My version of a Clip It Up

I have searched high and low over the internet and have found many homemade versions of the Clip It Up using lamp shade parts, paper clips, curtain rods and all other sorts of stuff.  Now I will admit I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to my craft studio in that I want things to look nice.  So while I loved what I was finding out there, I wanted something functional and good looking at the same time.

Ikea is everything functional and good looking!  I could spend my whole day wandering the showroom floor.  Oh, the things I would buy if I had the money (and the room!)  LOL

My version of the Clip It Up is made using a Bygel rail and Bygel s-hooks.  I’ve used the longer of the two Bygel rails and started out with 5 packs of 10 hooks but it wasn’t enough to hold everything, so for now I’m doubled up on some things :)  I think I could fit another 50 hooks on the rod and still be able to move things around enough to be able to see what I’ve got.


My Clip It Up is more of a Hang It Up :)  I have it nestled between two 2×4 Expedit bookcases (another FAVE Ikea product).  It looks empty in this picture, but it’s not anymore!  I have plans for two more of these units.  Once I get them then I can finish setting up my studio the way I want it and I’ll take more pictures then :)


Thanks for stopping by today.  I have a couple cards on the DRS Designs blog today so check them out HERE.  Talk with you soon!



9 thoughts on “My version of a Clip It Up

    1. I think you could hang it on the wall, but it would make the hanging items be forced to twist so that they were almost facing forward, rather than than hanging on their sides (does that make sense?). The bar isn’t permanently attached to the units so I can have my hubby help me hold it against the wall and see what happens!


  1. I think you’re right, everything would be forced to face out and that wouldn’t work nearly as well. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to have the items twisted out a little. Hmmm…. I have one of those bars for Ikea in my studio already but it’s attached to the wall, I was thinking it might work. I still might try it.


  2. I too have the Bygel rails but it is mounted to the wall for my punches. I like this idea for clipping stuff up. Great idea! Here I come IKEA.


  3. Shoooot, GREAT idea!!! I have the Expedit bookcases in my scrap room too. I want to go get the desk part (I think) and definitely want to get these rails and clips. The problem is that the nearest Ikea to me is over 2 hours. Grrrrr!!! Maybe we can make a special trip here in the near future :)


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