Crafting Rut!

I’m in a crafting rut.  I don’t like my “style” right now.  Everything I make lately makes me GRRR and RAWR!  lol  I need to take a class or something that will refresh me and card making.

Here is a card I made a couple weeks ago for a magazine pub call that didn’t get picked up.  I’m not too sure why I submitted it as I really don’t think I like it!  I do love the stamp sets though :)


2 thoughts on “Crafting Rut!

  1. You’ve been doing this a lot longer than I have but I’m sure that we are alike in some ways. I submit cards that I don’t like either and often times if I get anything picked up they aren’t my favorite. I think other people can see the beauty, or be amazed at the technique or the colors or images, etc. that you yourself often overlook. In any regards I adore how the red pops off the simple white and black outlined banners and the whole idea of the card is great. Plus, I’m partial to the stamp set, having it be my second favorite ever stamp set….:} hope you are having a wonderful weekend.


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