CHA-W 2012: Designer Showcase

I have some picture to share of my Designer Showcase display from CHA!  The first one is of my whole display.  I spent a lot of time planning out every detail and I am *really* happy with how everything came together!  I decided to go with a party theme, so I included some things in my display you might see at a party: streamers, presents, guestbook and who could forget the desserts!

This next pic shows the circle garland that I sewed (so easy!!) and the framed banner to go with my booth colors/theme.  Since the Designer Showcase displays were all about “selling” ourselves, I made myself the subject of the framed banner.  I plan on switching out the pics of me and replacing them with crafty/inspirational quotes and hang it in my crafty space!

This next pic is a close-up of the right side of my display.  I made a couple of “cake stands” by glueing together glass saucers and goblets using E-6000 adhesive then spray painting them with primer, than a glossy apple red paint.  They turned out so good!  I filled a large glass cookie jar with lollipops (for display only) and then a purple basket that held my handmade business cards.

This next pic is a close-up of my handmade business cards.  I made about 220 of them and I would guess they took a full 24 hours total to make.  The backsides were covered with a coordinating patterned paper and a circle-punched piece of cardstock with the Designer Showcase info to give out to people on the showroom floor.  No two are the same and I *love* how they turned out.  They were definitely worth the time and effort to make them!

This next pic is a close-up of the presents.  For the two boxes, I covered empty boxes I’d saved from previous Amazon orders and covered them in white tissue paper.  I made the paper bow from instructions I found online and hand stamped each little pennant banner to match the “party” colors.  The gift bag was made using some shapes cut out with my Silhouette and adhered with my Xyron, so it came together fairly quick.

This next pic is a close-up of the tablecloth I made for the display.  I picked up a canvas painting drop cloth from Home Depot and used fabric glue to adhere strips of fabric onto the canvas.  I then adhered buttons threaded with twine on top of the fabric strips and it was done! It took about 2 hours from start to finish for this project.

My last pic is actually not part of my Designer Showcase display, but of an ornament I created for the Community Park.  CHA worked with a handful of charities for this show and the Designers were invited to pick one of the charities and create an ornament that was representative of that charity.  The charity I chose was the Girls & Boys Club.  I actually grew up going to a local B&GC after school and during the summertime for many years.

Thank you so much for stopping by today!  To those of you that read my blog on a regularly, I hope to getting back to a more “normal” posting frequency now that CHA is over. I have a few things ready to be posted, so you’ll see me again real soon – maybe even tomorrow!  ;)


6 thoughts on “CHA-W 2012: Designer Showcase

  1. Ryann it was AWESOME to meet you – i’ve been a fan for a long time! your booth was BEAUTIFUL. totally eye-catching and clean – the table cover was gorje and i loved the bold colours! CONGRATS on a fantastic showcase, girl!! :)


  2. OHH! Your table looks AMAZING! I love your business cards and that frame! AMAZINGx 10!!! Can I ask what a designer showcase table is??? I’ve never been to CHA…so interesting:) Tons of love!


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