Living in a Cave

A few months ago the hubby and I moved our shared office/craft space from our converted garage into the living room.  The converted space has tons of room and lots of windows.  The living room is much smaller and only has windows on one of the walls, so it feel dark and cave-like to me.  I don’t like dark and cave-like!  After thinking on how to fix this, I decided a redecoration of our living room was in order.

We currently have a red corduroy Ikea couch with a teal area rug and a painting with both colors that was done by my FIL.  In the other room it was fine.  In this much smaller room, it is not.  All three of these things are being replaced (yay!)  I’m switching the cover on the couch with this one.

photo credit

Next up is the teal rug.  I think we’ll end up relocating it to our bedroom.  I found a sweet rug online at Urban Outfitters after a quick search online for yellow rugs.  I’m really drawn to yellow right now and I think it will look killer with the new couch cover.

photo credit

I think I may end up throwing some gray into the mix by getting some throw pillows for the couch.   There are some cute ones making the rounds on Pinterest, so I may be in for a DIY pillow project soon!

So there we go, my attempt at turning my cave-like living room into something more habitable.  The couch cover will take a month to get made so it will still be a few weeks living in this “cave” but I see the light at the end and it makes me SO HAPPY!   :)


3 thoughts on “Living in a Cave

  1. I love your choices for brightening the cave! :-) I really, really love the sofa…when my house has finished its puppy stage, I’d love to get a sofa like yours! Fabulous touch with the yellow rug and can’t wait to see what you do for your wall art!


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