An Update…

Ever since Fresh Squeezed Stamps opened up in October, I’ve neglected my poor little blog!  I’m not sure why I felt the need to do a post here today, but here I am!  :)

I’m getting ready for a weekend full of spring cleaning (boo!).  My mom is coming for a week long visit at the end of next week, so it’s time to get the house in order – right?  The hubby and I rearranged whole rooms of our house a couple months ago and we’re *still* not done with all the finishing touches. The walls in my office/craft room are blank and I am in need of some organization on my hanging wall shelves.

ImageBecause I’m one of those people who doesn’t like a picture-less post, I have a card to share!  This is a reject from the most recent Gallery Idol open audition round from Paper Crafts magazine.  I could have stamped the yellow/pink/green lines straighter – they are really crooked!  I was in a hurry, trying to beat the deadline, so there you have it!  :)


5 thoughts on “An Update…

  1. I was worried but then I saw you over at Fresh Squeezed so I knew all was okay. Glad to see you back here though. Your card is very fun.


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