World Card Making Day 2013


Happy World Card Making Day!  Do you have any fun card making parties to attend? Summer is supposed to make a come-back this weekend, so I’m bracing myself for weather up in the 90s (and we have NO air conditioning at my house – eek!).  So the plans I had today are no more.  But that’s okay, because now I can share it with you!  :)

I will be blog hopping with all of YOU today!  My plan is to craft all day Saturday (and hopefully keep COOL)!  If I can, I’ll upload pictures of the cards I make throughout the day.  I’m a slow crafter, so it may only be a couple of cards.  But I promise I will be making cards all day, hopefully you will too!!  :)


(Sorry for the bad photo!)  I thought it would be nice to create a card to express how grateful I am to have met so many wonderful people around the world in our little (but kind of big!) community.  Happy World Card Making Day, friends!  :)


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